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ORARIO : Dal Lun. al Ven. 8,30 - 12,30 e 15,30 - 19,30
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The Centro Studi Francesco Crispi has been active for over 10 years with great success by promoting vocationaleducation and training in order to insert a very satisfactory in the working world.

The seriousness and professionalism of the Institute, the level of the teaching staff, the teaching implemented in small study groups, the methodology of learning and innovative custom and psychological support are the Centro Studi Francesco Crispi the landmark most qualified Tuscany

Registration for new courses are open:

German for work

Tedesco per la terza età

German for children and teenagers

English and Spanish for children

English and Spanish for the elderly

Computing for the elderly

Diploma in just 1 year!

Are you in possession of the middle school license and do you want to graduate?
Contact us and we will tell you how to do it.

Promotion for elementary and middle schools

After-school course

After-school course + language course


The courses of culinary art and pastry are temporarily suspended

Sono aperte le iscrizioni ai corsi di Modellistica e Sartoria Professionale



25%discount on private lessons

Doposcuola Medie e Superiori

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Recovery Year

Course for the recovery of school years


Course to learn foreign languages.


Course to learn embroidery techniques.

Professional Tailoring

From the blouse to the skirt, from the suit to the coat.


From the paper model to the test and finishes.


Course to learn knitting techniques.

Art therapy

How to be happy thanks to art therapy.

Italian language course for foreigners

For the foreigner who comes to settle in our country.

Sewing course

By hand, with the sewing machine and cut and sew.


Aimed at work techniques with crochet.

Nail Art


Course to learn the art of nail decoration.

Private lessons in all subjects


After school for lessons recovery and years recovery.

Professional ironing

The various methods of ironing also for industrial purposes.

Cutting and Sewing

To make clothes for yourself and your family.


Course to learn knitting techniques.

Loans up to 5 years

Special conditions for affiliated companies


Those who register their friend are entitled to free registration.

English and Spanish for pupils of the nursery school


Learning through play and fun:

1st group – 4-5 years
2nd group – 5-6 years

3rd group – 6-7 years

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