The tailor professional is one who is able to create any type of garment blouse skirt from the suit coat, from underwear to evening and bridal. In the course of the studies are carried out a large number of models with all possible developments in order to provide the student with the appropriate techniques and mastery in the execution of the models and their perfect realization.
The course has a duration of 2 years with the frequency of 400 hours per year.

The program is as follows:
The measures
The fit of the garments
Transfers of shooting
Placement on fabric
The skirt: various types
The shirt: various types
The dress: various types
The pants: various types
The sleeves: various types
Packages: various types
Elaborate patterns, and asymmetrical draping
Techniques cutting on fabrics in stripes and checks and irregular patterns
interpretation models
Draped necklines and cap
Interpretation baby clothing
Study of the jacket and blazer
Study of the coat and cap of study

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