The pattern is the one who has the technical knowledge and executive needed to operate within clothing companies.
This is an important and central figure in what has the task of implementing the models designed by fashion designer starting from the creation of paper model to the actual construction.
The modeler must possess and acquire technical skills, creative and organizational. Its task is also to oversee the design of the prototype and treat the development sizes.
The pattern, as well as work in the company, can also practice the profession by creating models and implementation.

The program is as follows:
• Measures
• Study of the bases
• The fit of the garments
• Transfers of shooting
• Placing the model on fabric
• The skirt: various types
• The shirt: various types
• The dress
• The trousers
• The sleeves
• Packages

• Models processed, and with asymmetric draping
• Techniques of cutting of striped fabrics and paintings and drawings irregular
• Interpretation models
• Necklines with draping and hood
• Interpretation baby clothing
• Study of the jacket and blazer
• Studio coat
• Study of the cap.

The course has a duration of 1 year with the frequency of 400 hours. The classes and times are customizable.

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