Year Recovery

The student, first of all, has a meeting with the Didactical Director, whose aim is to point out the problems which led the person to lose one or more years or even to completely abandon the studies.


Past scholar, familiar, relational experiences are analyzed, as well as possible interior motivations from which the will to recover arose.


Afterwards, a personalized working path will be established, the student will be inserted into a small group of 6 or 7 students and will be entrusted to the care of a teacher, who will guide him through his learning route.

The teachers in charge will employ psychological techniques aimed at reassuring the student and establishing his self-reliability. Only then they will teach study organization, an effective study method for any kind of subject as well as various memorization techniques which will allow the student to learn in shorter times.


During the recovery, the teachers will retrace the student’s learning path until they will find solid bases to build new knowledge upon. They will then restart from there, allowing the person to pass his exam, but also and especially to successfully face the following school years.


Should the student be unable to reach the School location either for work reasons or due to distance, the Institute will establish a learning route similar to the one described in the “Remote degree” section.

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