It is a course that brings together students of middle and high school. An hour and a half for the middle and two hours for high school starting at 15.00 excluding Saturday.

The tasks are carried out for the following days, teaching the study and the various interrogations is carried out by putting in place a constant daily effort.

This is to avoid an occasional study that engages equally without giving results, creating dissatisfaction and insecurity, elements that are the basis of failures and in school and in life.

In addition, the gaps in the various disciplines are filled, allowing an effective recovery that fully satisfies both the student and the family.

An innovative element is that, upon agreement with the student’s parents, the teachers or the Teaching Director himself can put in written or verbal contact with the morning teachers to implement a program that respects the lectures of the teachers who will judge the student’s learning. .

This will allow the Institute to follow the pupil directly in school hours and indirectly through contacts.
It follows a real recovery even in the most difficult cases.

This Institute operates where others give up!

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