Every student will undergo an admission test, in order to establish the most appropriate course to enroll in.

Language courses are aimed at developing four key skills: understanding, reading, speaking and writing.


The courses are divided into 5 levels:
1. Elementary level
2. Pre-intermediate level
3. Intermediate level
4. Post-intermediate level
5. Advanced level

In this module, the student learns the basic functions of the spoken language and learns how to sustain simple dialogues, how to tell about his past experiences and how to describe various situations. Basic grammatical structures are thaught as well.
The student deepens his knowledge of expressions used in the spoken language and starts learning how to describe his wishes, how to make judgments on people and facts and how to sustain simple conversations. Finally, the student deepens the study of grammatical structures, consolidates notions he has already learned, widens the basic functions and proceeds toward the enrichment of his vocabulary.
The student deepens his usage of all the four key skills: reading, speaking, learning and writing.
Overcoming this level will allow the student to successfully pass language tests of many university faculties.
The student attains the consolidation and the enrichment of the notions he has already learned.
The course makes the student able to profitably work in an international context.
This course is suitable for all those people who already have an optimal knowledge of the language and wish to keep it. The student deepens the study of syntactical structures and learns the lexicon used in spoken language, describing and reasoning on complex situations. The student also consolidates the skills mentioned above, further enriching his knowledge of the language.

Another course is also available:
This course needs an attendace time of two hours for five days a week except saturday. It’s a full immersion simulating, albeit in a limited time frame, a study holiday abroad.

Another interesting course is
whose aim is those prepare a foreign correspondents working in large, medium or small-sized companies. This professional figure is usually a native speaker, but young people who have attained a diploma or a degree can become one as well, provided they’re motivated and competent enough.

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