Usually the attendance time is one and half hour a day, except saturday, and precisely from 2PM to 3.30PM.

This schedule allows the students to take the rest of the afternoon off or to use it for other activities. Courses are made of 10 students max.

During lesson hours, students do their homework under the guidance of the teacher – also, subjects and topics in which the student shows deficiencies are deepened. The course includes the teaching of an extremely effective studying method, based on visualization techniques, which allows to study faster and more profitably and to remember previously acquired notions for a long time.

This method, especially useful in elementary schools, is an indespensable requirement to achieve good results in higher grades. It ought to be remembered that the State School, in spite of being endowed with very qualified teachers, isn’t capable of offering such a peculiar service, due to its inability to follow each person singly, even in the context of a small group. Results speak for themselves.


The course can be integrated with foreign language courses, taught in an enjoyable and creative way and especially focused on conversations in which real-life situations are simulated, as the student was abroad living those experiences.

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