Computer courses

Computer courses are indispensable for anyone, both amateur and professional.

It is emphasized that the computer science exam is currently included in any university course, even if it is not exclusively scientific.

Furthermore, currently, even apart from the university process, information technology is an integral part of the life of every individual and therefore it is essential to have acquired at least the basic elements.

The course is divided into various levels.

The course contents are:

Basic concepts
File management
Word processing
The spreadsheet
Presentation tools
IT networks

corsi di informatica

Distance courses

Our school has designed all its courses to be followed by students even remotely / online or when requested in mixed mode.
All our students can work from home or from anywhere where they can access the internet. To facilitate all the processes necessary for a good learning of the subjects, the lessons and the exchange of material with teachers take place through our virtual platform specially designed for this purpose.
Each student will be assigned a login and password to use this service.